How to Prepare for the First (No-Obligation) Consultation

Locating certain key documents before the first meeting can expedite the inspection process considerably. Items like:

  • “As-built”, original drawings of your building
  • Overall drawings previously completed of your roofing, with any applicable Roof ID’s
  • Roof reports prepared previously or other documents that speak to this history of the roofing at your building

Do not worry if you cannot locate all or even any of these documents. We can still proceed with the inspection.

It is also prudent to consider any existing conditions that must be met before proceeding with roof replacement or roof restoration work. We will guide you through this process, and together we will need to identify:

  • Whether you have a low or zero tolerance odor/noise facility
    • All types of roofing produce some level of disturbance as they are installed. Some of these disturbances can be mitigated though, if we plan and budget accordingly
  • Whether you have policies in place that will affect potential roofing work
  • Whether the nature of your business will affect a tendering process
    • Are you a public body that needs an open source specification? Do you need to use a Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC - 2) Stipulated Price Contract? Must you meet Factory Mutual (FM) Global standard?
  • Whether your interior space below the roof area is particularly sensitive to water infiltration
    • Must the interior space be protected from falling dust, debris, and/or moisture during the roofing process?