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inspection services

  • Visual inspection
  • Infrared and/or Capacitance Roof Moisture Survey
    • detecting moisture in insulation or membrane
  • Preventive Maintenance inspection
  • Interior of the Roof Deck inspection
  • Attic Ventilation inspection
  • Rooftop Weight-load inspection
  • Work in Progress inspections
  • Formal laboratory analysis of core samples

analysis reports

  • Photographic record of roof conditions
  • Detailed chronicle of roof condition observations
  • Statement of existing roof composition
  • Roof plan drawings
  • Results and analysis of Thermographic/Infrared and Capacitance inspections

ongoing management + quality assurance

  • Inspections of work in progress, as well as completed work
  • Prompt recording of any deficiencies
  • Arranging for appropriate corrective measures
  • Preparation of fully-documented final inspection report

project design

  • Review of client’s current and future roofing needs
  • Inspection of roofing assets to inform the creation of the procedural specifications
  • Preparation of project specifications and drawings suitable for tendering purposes


  • Identifying qualified contractors
  • Reviewing tenders to ensure they comply with project specifications
  • Conducting pre-bid meetings
  • Conducting pre-job meetings

project management

  • Job planning, site meetings, work schedules
  • Ensuring work sites are clean, safe, and well-organized (as per all Federal, Provincial, and Municipal labour codes)
  • Ensuring compliance with all job specifications
  • Managing communication
  • Contract Administration (Invoice review, change orders, change directives)

detailed recommendations

  • Customized solutions for repair, restoration or replacement
  • Project planning, organization, and scheduling of all necessary roofing work
  • Short and long term maintenance budget projections to assist with financial planning
  • Documentation of all derived roof quality standards to establish a benchmark for ongoing maintenance
  • Crisis management strategy focused on preparedness, planning and prevention